Rental Space

Spaces and rooms perfect for events, meetings, and more.

✔️ Prior to reservation, please be sure to check price and calendar.
✔️ Confirmation of table setting, chairs, projectors, and microphone is strongly recommended before the date of event.


  • Free wifi is available in MC3F and Former Masuda-tei Residence, but not Funagura Hall.
  • The facilities are not perfectly air-sealed, so air conditioning may underperform in mid-summer or winter seasons.
  • Located in a residential area. Please refrain from using microphone or any loud volume at night.

Funagura Hall

Mid-size convention hall housed in a renovated historic kura warehouse

Equipped with stage and speakers. Perfect for a smaller size lecture or various workshops, as well as acoustic concerts and music recordings.

Pricing:¥3,850 per 3 hours (weekdays), ¥5,775 per 3 hours (weekends)
Facilities & Equipment: restroom / power (no air conditioner)


Meeting room in a restored brewery residence building

Situated on the third floor of our coworking space, with windows on all corners providing plenty of natural light. Connected to the terrace and roof-top veranda. Versatile space for workshops, meetings, exhibition sales, etc. Depending on table and chair arrangement, it can accommodate various types of events.

Pricing:¥3,850 per 3 hours (weekdays), ¥5,775 per 3 hours (weekends)
Facilities & Equipment:air conditioner / restroom / power / wifi / water

Former Masuda-tei Resident

Former shoe store transformed into a gallery and shop space

Once a shoe store of a Showa era shopping district, this charming space has been newly renovated and equipped with a display window, perfect for your pop-up store or art gallery.

Pricing:¥3,850 per 3 hours (weekdays), ¥5,775 per 3 hours (weekends)
Facilities & Equipment:air conditioner / restroom / power / water

Prices for Facility and Equipment Rental

(incl. tax)
Facilities & EquipmentWeekdaysWeekends
MC3F¥3,850 / 3hrs¥5,775 / 3hrs
Former Masuda-tei Resident¥3,850 / 3hrs¥5,775 / 3hrs
Funagura Hall¥3,850 / 3hrs¥5,775 / 3hrs
Microphone & Speaker¥1,100 / day¥1,650 / day
Projector & Screen¥1,100 / day¥1,650 / day