Rental Space

Spaces and rooms perfect for events, meetings, and more.

✔️ Prior to reservation, please be sure to check the price below.
✔️ Confirmation of table setting, chairs, projectors, and microphone is strongly recommended before the date of event.


  • Free wifi is available in Kurabito Hall, but not Funagura Hall and Motogura Hall
  • The facilities are not perfectly air-sealed, so air conditioning may underperform in mid-summer or winter seasons.
  • Located in a residential area. Please refrain from using microphone or any loud volume at night.

Funagura Hall

Mid-size Convention Hall Housed in a Renovated Historic Kura Warehouse

Equipped with stage. Perfect for a smaller size lecture or various workshops, as well as acoustic concerts and music recordings.

Pricing:¥3,850 per 3 hours (weekdays), ¥5,775 per 3 hours (weekends)
Facilities & Equipment: restroom / power (no air conditioner)

Kurabito Hall

Former Lodging for Sake Brewery Workers

The space dates back to the Meiji era and once served as the lodging quarters for brewery workers. Overlooking the passageways of the sake brewery, it’s suitable for small group meetings, exhibitions, and more.

Pricing:¥2,750 per 3 hours (weekdays), ¥4,125 per 3 hours (weekends)
Facilities & Equipment:restroom / power / wifi / water

Motogura Hall

Former Brewery Space for Sake Yeast Starter Preparation

This was originally a Meiji-era Moto Brewery space, where the yeast starter (moto) for sake brewing was once prepared. It still retains large barrels used for sake production. It’s suitable for small to large group meetings, exhibitions, and more.

Pricing:¥3,850 per 3 hours (weekdays), ¥5,775 per 3 hours (weekends)
Facilities & Equipment:restroom / power / water

Prices for Facility and Equipment Rental

(incl. tax)
Facilities & EquipmentWeekdaysWeekends
Kurabito Hall¥2,750 / 3hrs¥4,125 / 3hrs
Motogura Hall¥3,850 / 3hrs¥5,775 / 3hrs
Funagura Hall¥3,850 / 3hrs¥5,775 / 3hrs
Projector & Screen¥1,100 / day¥1,650 / day