Our Facilities


Machiya Club – Culture & Stay

Relax and Enjoy the Local Life & Tradition

A machiya is a traditional Japanese townhouse. MACHIYA CLUB – CLTURE & STAY provides accommodation within a newly restored machiya from the late Edo period, which was originally part of a sake brewery. Immerse yourself in the deep historical atmosphere during your stay. Works of local contemporary artists are also displayed around our facilities, in support of the local arts culture.

No. of Rooms:2
In-Room Facilities:futon or bed / table / humidifier
Shared Facilities:two sake-barrel bathtubs / a shower room / two toilet rooms / TV / refrigerator / microwave / hair dryers
Amenities & Complementary Services:Wifi / hand towels / bath towels / yukata bathrobes / toothbrush & toothpaste / razor / cotton pads & swabs / coffee, drip-brewed with spring water / rental bicycles

Annex Kolmio

Suite Rooms in a Former Soy Sauce Brewery

This annex of Machiya Club – Culture & Stay features two suite rooms and a café (kolmio café, interior), housed in a newly renovated building that was once a soy sauce brewery. The building includes a suite room converted from an entire historic kura warehouse, and another in a two-story classic machiya house. Breakfast with fresh local ingredients is available at the café (separate reservation required).

No. of Rooms:3
In-Room Facilities:futon or bed / bathroom / TV / refrigerator / microwave / hair dryer
Amenities & Complementary Services:Wifi / hand towels / bath towels / yukata bathrobes / toothbrush & toothpaste / razor / cotton pads & swabs / original bath amenities (soap, shampoo & conditioner) / toner & lotion set / tea (green, black, flavored) / rental bicycles

Little Birds Hostel

Casual Hotel in a Renovated Retro Space

A casual inn with cozy rooms in a newly restored building from the 1970s. Rooms are all private, but shared communal space includes kitchenette, workspace, and living area, offering our guests the chance to enjoy friendly exchange with fellow travelers.

No. of Rooms:6
In-Room Facilities:bed / desk
Shared Facilities:mini library / kitchenette / washing machine / toilet & bathroom (men & women) / hair dryers / humidifier
Amenities & Complementary Services:Wifi / hand towels / bath towels / yukata bathrobes / toothbrush & toothpaste / rental bicycles

Waterhouse Memorial Hall

Stay in a Cultural Property Designed by a Renowned American Architect

The home of the American P.B. Waterhouse family, who engaged in Christian missionary work alongside Vories, a missionary and influential architect in Japan’s modern era. The house, built in 1913, embodies the traditional American Colonial architectural and has been repurposed beginning in 2023 to serve as a lodging facility.

No. of Rooms:vacation rental house style
Amenities & Complementary Services:Wifi / bathroom / toilet room / TV / kitchen / cutlery / refrigerator / microwave / hair dryer / hand towels / bath towels / yukata bathrobes / toothbrush & toothpaste / razor / coffee & tea

Flagship Shop

KOYOMI – Local Life and Crafts

KOYOMI – LOCAL LIFE AND CRAFTS is the flagship store of MACHIYA CLUB, housed in a renovated building that was once a dormitory for kurabito, or skilled labor, of the historical sake brewery. The shop displays local handcraft items made with natural materials like reed, bamboo, linen, leather, and sailcloth. We focus especially on pieces that embody a union of traditional artisanship and contemporary design, suited for modern living. The shop is also used to provide hands-on workshops where participants can experience a deeper understanding of how these products are made. And additionally, we offer brief tours to see more of Omihachiman’s beautiful nature as well as the production studios of local craftspeople.
* Ask us more information about tours and workshops.

Hours:1 – 5 pm (weekdays) / 10:30 am – 5 pm (Sat, Sun & holidays)
Phone:0748-32-4654 (Machiya Club)

Shop & Cafe

idea note

Handcraft, Ornaments, & Vintage

A specialty handcraft shop of various antiques and vintage items from both Japan and abroad. The shop owner’s own original handmade jewelry is also displayed. A small workshop for handcrafting your own jewelry is also available. And don’t miss the various made-in-Shiga materials like Omi Linen, Biwa Cotton, and Biwako Pearls from Lake Biwa. The shop also produces an original environmentally-friendly cosmetic line, ideaearth.

Hours:11 am – 5 pm 
Closed:Tue & Thurs


Sailcloth and Leather Shop

Leathercraft shop specializing in one-of-a-kind items such as quality handcrafted bags and purses. Hands-on workshops also available for making small leather items with techniques such as leather engraving.

Hours:11 am – 5 pm


Dried Flowers & Miscellaneous Goods

A shop for miscellaneous goods, dried flowers and flower arrangement. Also, try delicious Vietnamese bánh mì sandwiches at our weekend café.

Hours:11 am – 6 pm
Closed: Mon, Wed & Fri
Check our shop calendar @three3cafe


Nail Salon to Nurture Your Daily Life

Offering detailed care and nail art design to bring you joy! Just nail care is also welcome. The salon also sells various lines of nail care products.  

Hours:10 am – 5 pm

Going Nuts

Bulk Nuts Specialty Shop

This shop sells carefully selected nuts and dried bulk fruits. Under the motto, “Start something good for mind, body and the planet,” they promote a culture of sustainable living for the local Omihachiman community.

Hours:11 am – 6 pm (Sun: 12 pm – 5 pm)

Rich Label 832

Specialty Store for Carefully Crafted Blended Honey

Offering various types of honey, known as Blend Honey, crafted by combining several varieties of honey, as well as drinks made with honey.

Hours:11 am – 5 pm
Closed:Wed & Thurs

tea garden

Instructive Cooking Workshop: Seasonal Healthful Menu

Drawing from traditional Chinese medicinal concepts and dietary principles, it offers tailored seasonal cooking classes to promote well-being.

Hours:10:30 am – 6 pm


Castle Town’s Retro Building Now a Shared Workspace

CO-BA OMIHACHIMAN is a coworking space that offers a great working environment, equipped with power outlets, wifi, a meeting room, and copy-machine. A coworking space where you can work while staying in a historic town, engaging in tourism and local interactions. Adjacent to the Little Birds Hostel.

● Drop-in Use: ¥1,100 + tax / day, ¥550 + tax / day for students
● Full Membership: from ¥11,000 + tax / month
Facilities & Equipment:air conditioner / toilet rooms / wifi / power / kitchenette
Other:meeting room (be reservation only) / copy machine (pay per copy)